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Freedom to shop

10 September 2009  •  Ron Manners AO

As a consumer, buying a loaf of bread when it suited me was once my “right”, but now I can only shop with …

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Perth: Australia’s gateway to Asia and Europe?

9 May 2009  •  Ron Manners AO

Why, you say? Well for a start, Perth (without allowing for the “clock-changing experiment”) is on the same time zone as the third of …

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Should we all become political?

23 August 2008  •  Ron Manners AO

We are often implored not to be political when we approach policy subjects that affect our lives and livelihoods. Business people particularly are …

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Looking for leadership

10 July 2004  •  Ron Manners AO

I’ve often bemoaned the lack of leadership in the business and mining community. The general fear of “rocking the boat” or offending the anti-business …

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From explorer to producer

20 October 1987  •  Ron Manners AO

I wrote this piece in 1987, after Croesus' first year as a publicly listed company. The first year In reviewing our first year as …

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