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Liberty could be good for you too!

23 October 2018  •  Ron Manners AO

I presented this speech at the 2018 Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting in Gran Canaria, Spain. It was held September 30 to October 6. …

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Travel industry downgrades Australia

14 November 2013  •  Ron Manners AO

Travel industry downgrades Australia, or, The unintended consequences of regulations for credit card bank interchange fees, is part of a presentation Ron made to …

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The other side of the same coin

13 April 2013  •  Ron Manners AO

This is a copy of speech Ron made at the Mannkal Scholars and Friends Cocktail Party, held at the University of Western Australia in April 2013. …

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27 November 1995  •  Ron Manners AO

I gave this speech in 1995 at an Australian Mineral Foundation conference dinner. Here, I set out to solve problems relating to economics, politics …

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