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The Thoughts of Nanushka: The Wonder of Loving

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Nanushka’s words can bring enchanting memories to those of us who have found love. They also give us some understanding and comfort when love has been lost. We can read the wonder of love returning as a more tender passion or melting into loving friendship.

Nanushka’s “thoughts” are for us all, regardless of age, gender, race or faith.

The Wonder of Loving will make a splendid gift for friends, loved ones or for yourself.

Nanushka says:

If our only talent
is for loving,
perhaps we have been given
the greatest gift
of all…

Who is Nanushka? Words of love. Her pieces are short, simple and wise, and they have made her a cult figure with men and women of all ages. We must be closet romantics. We must be, if the reaction to Nanushka is anything to go by.

Her favourite theme (but not her only topic) is love – the pleasure it affords and the pain it can cause when it goes away or turns into something else.

I never did stop loving you, only what you have become.

At her Adelaide home last week she talked about the response – and about love, at which she is something of an expert.

In the prime of her life, Nan Witcomb admits she was “in love with falling in love.”

“I was very big on walking along lonely beaches with men, and on candlelit diners and doing silly things like dancing down the street on the way home from a night out.”

Regrets? “None at all.”

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The Thoughts of Nanushka: The Wonder of Loving
Nan Witcomb
Nan Witcomb

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