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The Freedom Philosophy

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This anthology contains 14 classic essays on liberty, brought together in one convenient volume. The essays examine, in turn, the economic, moral, and political aspects of freedom – and point the way to an enriched life through the personal practice of freedom.

The Freedom Philosophy is ideal for use in study groups or to introduce friends to free enterprise. The classic essays include: The Case for Economic Freedom, by Benjamin A Rogge
Free Enterprise: The Key to Prosperity, by Clarence B Carson
The Source of Rights, by Frank Chodorov
Think Twice Before You Disparage Capitalism, by Perry E Gresham
The Moral Foundation of Freedom, by Ralph Husted
Morals and Liberty, by FA Harper
Looking Out for Yourself, by Leonard E Read
Not Yours to Give, by Davy Crockett
Why Choose Freedom?

“The most important part of the case for economic freedom is not its vaunted efficiency as a system for organising resources, not its dramatic success in promoting economic growth, but rather its consistency with certain fundamental moral principles of life itself.” – Benjamin A Rogge

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The Freedom Philosophy
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