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Problems in Health Care Delivery: Government as Cause, not Cure


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A must-read for anybody with an interest in understanding the problems of our current health care system and a valuable analysis of the free market response to problems in health care delivery. This book provides a powerful argument for the view that both the medical profession and patients would be better served by a return to genuine markets in the profession of health care services. It begins by examining the moral origins of free choice, personal responsibility and mutual assistance, the derivation and relevance of systems of property rights and notions of fairness and equality. It then applies the principles derived from this examination to a wide range of problems in health care delivery.

While the traditional liberal or libertarian responses to collectivist ideas in medicine are scattered throughout a wide number of publications covering different aspects of the subject, this book is unique in bringing those arguments together in the one comprehensive, carefully referenced volume. 15 chapters cover 60 topics including: Preventive Health, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Fundholding, Health Savings Accounts, Patient Confidentiality, Pay for Performance, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Accreditation, Mental Health, Organ Donation, Health Care Rights, Equality and Inequality, Aboriginal Health, Malpractice Insurance, Public versus Private Insurance and Workforce.

About the Author

Brian Bedkober is a graduate in medicine from the University of Sydney and has spent the bulk of his working life as a family practitioner. He has also spent a considerable amount of time on medico-political pursuits – most significantly as president of the Australian Medical Centres Association and, for the last several years, as president of Private Doctors of Australia. He has written widely on health care and related issues and was editor of Australian Private Doctor from 2003 to 2008. He left medical practice in 1997, disenchanted by increasing government intervention in the profession and the unwillingness of individual practitioners and medico-political organizations to make any useful or concerted attempt to stem the tide of market socialism.

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Problems in Health Care Delivery: Government as Cause, not Cure
Brian J Bedkober
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