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Green Murder

A Life Sentence of Net Zero with no Parole

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If you only read one book on Climate Change let this be it.

“It has never been shown that human emissions of the gas of life drive global warming. Large bodies of science that don’t fit the narrative have been ignored by IPCC, COP and self-interested scientists paid by taxpayers. A huge subsidised industry of intermittent unreliable wind and solar electricity has been created based on unsubstantiated science. The same hucksters now want subsidised hydrogen, costly inefficient EVs, subsidised mega-batteries and other horribly expensive tried and failed schemes to impoverish people, create unemployment, transfer wealth and enrich China. Germany, Texas, California and the UK had a glimpse of Net Zero with blackouts, astronomically high electricity costs and hundreds of deaths. We once had reliable cheap electricity and now that governments have gone green, we are heading for hard economic times.  

In this book I charge the greens with murder. They murder humans who are kept in eternal poverty without coal-fired electricity. They support slavery and early deaths of black child miners. They murder forests and their wildlife by clear felling for mining and wind turbines. They murder forests and wildlife with their bushfire policies. They murder economies producing unemployment, hopelessness, collapse of communities, disrupted social cohesion and suicide.

They murder free speech and freedoms and their takeover of the education system has ended up in the murdering of the intellectual and economic future of young people. They terrify children into mental illness with their apocalyptic death cult lies and exaggerations. They try to divide a nation. They are hypocrites and such angry ignorant people should never touch other people’s money.

The greens are guilty of murder. The sentence is life with no parole in a cave in the bush enjoying the benefits of Net Zero.” ~ Professor Ian Plimer


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Green Murder
Sub Title
A Life Sentence of Net Zero with no Parole
Ian Plimer
Connor Court Australia

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  • Should be compulsory reading for all school children. A brilliant fact-based work that highlights the damage the Greens are doing around the world. No matter what the catastrophe, climate change is to blame. As the author points out, the Australian and Californian fires are not caused by climate change but by fuel buildups because of the reduction/cessation of out-of-season burn-offs. The size of the fires in Victoria in 1851 and 1939 far exceeded the size of recent fires. Was it climate change that caused the worst fires ever in 1851?

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