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A little rebellion now and then is a very good thing!

11 December 2020  •  Ron Manners

The 164th Anniversary of Australia’s Eureka Stockade Rebellion My address below to the Rotary Club of Perth on the 4th December, 2020 can …

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Birthday Book Launch

9 December 2020  •  Ron Manners

On Friday the 27th November, 2020 we commemorated 125 years of Mannwest Group (as well as Mannkal's 23rd birthday), and celebrated in style …

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2020: the year of the awards

7 December 2020  •  Ron Manners

2020 has proven itself to be, among other things, the year of the award! In June this year I was honoured to have …

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Mates for Mining

26 November 2020  •  Ron Manners

On the 20th November, 2020, Mannkal was pleased to host the fast-growing "Mates for Mining" morning tea established in order to recognise those …

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A significant Mannkal wedding

6 October 2020  •  Ron Manners

On Saturday, 3rd October, many of our Mannkal Team attended the marriage of our Executive Director, Andrew Pickford, to Shironi De Silva. It …

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Match this legacy!

26 September 2020  •  Ron Manners

Today marks the birthday of Leonard E. Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education and author of the iconic free-market essay I, …

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Are you being “mugged”?

9 September 2020  •  Ron Manners

We have had many challenges to face in 2020. Which to tackle first? Without the traditional wisdom of a reliable business or political …

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Why you should download this free ebook!

4 September 2020  •  Ron Manners

Back in 2009 I published Heroic Misadventures: Australia, Four Decades, Full Circle in which I retold some of my experiences in the gold-mining industry …

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Get up off your knees!

30 July 2020  •  Ron Manners

Enough of these ceremonial apologies, please! Is it time that we learned to think for ourselves instead of reacting to peer group pressure? …

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Alcoa ‘on the nose’ again!

8 July 2020  •  Ron Manners

Alcoa is at it again! Ahead of seeking approval from the state government for a range of environmental approvals around its mines and …

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