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Open letter to family, friends and supporters

8 June 2020  •  Ron Manners

Dear family, friends and supporters, It is with great pleasure that I humbly share with you the news that I have been included …

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Get the economy moving again; you have to be joking!

5 June 2020  •  Ron Manners

Conflicts between government departments (federal, state and local) are as much a threat to each Australian’s prosperity, as is the Corona-Crisis itself. I …

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Remembering Karl Hess

13 May 2020  •  Ron Manners

One of the events that brightened up my ‘Coronavirus Besieged Easter’ was the release of Jesse Walker’s interview with Daniel Tucker entitled …

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Awakening Possibilities!

17 April 2020  •  Ron Manners

Awakening Possibilities! (Our task is simple) While I’m currently pre-occupied with writing a piece on “why our next generation should take the Coronavirus …

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I miss Jon Utley

10 April 2020  •  Ron Manners

Each November, in New York City, Jon Utley and I have shared a meal.  We also invited a younger person, or two, to …

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Overwhelmed by “Dog Responses”

3 April 2020  •  Ron Manners

Over the festive season, I sent out my latest poem Why I Talk to Kelpie Dogs to all my friends, family and associates. I received …

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Coronavirus Era – 8 Rules

25 March 2020  •  Ron Manners

Don’t get sick.  You don’t want to be a burden on others, as they are already burdened by the fall-out from the current …

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Ron Manners plays the long game

23 February 2020  •  Mannwest Admin

This review of Ron Manners' The Lonely Libertarian was written by Benjamin Marks, and was originally published on his website Buy your …

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Australian Bushfires Part III

7 February 2020  •  Ron Manners

Having just spent two weeks talking to people directly involved in Australia’s serious bushfires (Victoria and New South Wales), I see an obvious …

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Hollywood Hedonism v British Tradition

15 January 2020  •  Ron Manners

Birth and circumstance bring responsibility.  Living up to such responsibility is challenging, but achievable; if you have that magic ingredient called ‘character’. Fortunately, …

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